The history of the Salina Sails company starts with a vintage boat named Salina (1983). Salina is a Tartane, a wooden sailing vessel of approx. 12 meters long with fore-and-aft rigged sails. Tartanes were mostly used in the 19th century. Salina essentially served for fishing and transporting goods in the Mediterranean Sea. 

In 2012 Salina was purchased by Salina Sails’ owner Giovanni Semeraro. The next years the Tartane charmed many international tourists while sailing the magnificent coasts of Puglia, Italy.  On September 13th 2015, Salina left for a long expedition of five months and eight thousand miles, from Taranto (the south of Italy) to the Cape Verde islands, crossing both the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The incredible journey retraced the ancient routes of the Italian discoverer Antonio da Noli, who was the first person to set foot on the Cape Verde Islands in the 15th century.

During five months, Salina stopped in twelve harbours and met institutions, associations and culture representatives all over. In every city where Salina stopped, meetings and workshops were held with local students. The objective of the expedition was not only to talk about an adventurous story of an historical sailing but also to revaluate the environment and productive activities and to talk about the infinite resources and strategies the sea has to offer.
The expedition still captures the imagination of many people and spreads an important message for the new generations. It tells the fascinating story of only two people facing the daily difficulties on board of an ancient vessel overseas during a very long and dangerous navigation.
The expedition has been of great historical and cultural importance for both Italy and Cape Verde. Therefore, the expedition was classified as a project of Italian excellence and supported by the national Italian television. Over the years, the Salina crew have been honoured many times.
In Cape Verde Captain Giovanni Semeraro was welcomed by the Cardinal and the Ambassador. Moreover he was also convened by the Cape Verde Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism. 

In Italy Giovanni was welcomed by Sergio Mattarella, the former President of the Italian Republic and he became honorary citizen of Noli, the city where Antonio Da Noli left in the 15th century. 

Salina and her crew arrived at the port of Mindelo, São Vincente on January 24th 2016. Only a few weeks later the company Salina Sails would start tourist activities on the Cape Verdean island of Boa Vista. Until today, Salina can be found at the port of Sal Rei, being one of Boa Vista's most famous features.

Port of Sal Rei (Ilha de Boavista) / Port of Palmeira (Ilha do Sal) - Cabo Verde | info@salinasails.com | Info: +238.5272186

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