Our international, fully qualified and experienced team is complimented on a daily base for being professional, accomodating and entertaining. 

Our crew's promise is to go for the extra smile and always aim for the highest level of well-being, pleasure and safety of every single passenger aboard Salina and Gelidonya


First Sailorman -Turkey

Host - Cabo Verde

The Founder of Salina Sails from Italy

General Manager Salina Sails - Belgium

The Captain of Salina from Cabo Verde

Guide - Cabo Verde

Sailorman - Guinea Bissau

Driver - Cabo Verde

Chef - Cabo Verde

The Captain of Gelidonya from Turkey

Life Guard - Italy

Port of Sal Rei (Ilha de Boavista) / Port of Palmeira (Ilha do Sal) - Cabo Verde | | Info: +238.5272186

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